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Why Hire a Missouri Traffic Law Defense Attorney at

"Why should I hire a Missouri traffic law attorney at instead of some other MIssouri traffic law web site?"

We are asked this question often and answer it just as often.  The answer is simple: "Experience, Reliability, Service & Price."


Take a look at the other Missouri traffic law web sites.  Think about how much time, energy, thought and pride went into making them.  Now think about this:  If that's the amount of time, energy, thought and pride that they put into representing themselves online, what amount of time, energy, thought and pride do you think they will put into representing your interests in traffic court.  

Our web site gives you a good example of how we do things at  We are committed to providing the highest levels of legal representation and client service.  We put the time, energy, thought and pride into doing what it takes to achieve what we set out to do. We are proud of our web site and believe it reflects our commitment to providing unparalleled service to our clients; it provides comprehensive information, is well-organized, updated regularly and always is available, 24/7/365. 

When the question is:  "Why should I hire a Missouri traffic law attorney at instead of some other Missouri traffic law web site?"...the answer is simple:  " Experience, Reliability, Service & Price."


Our traffic law attorneys have decades of collective experience representing and defending drivers throughout Missouri charged with all types of traffic law violations.  We handle cases in traffic courts throughout the State of Missouri.  From simple speeding tickets and municipal traffic ordinance violations to the most serious felony DWI / DUI drunk driving criminal charges where your conviction will result in a lengthy prison sentence, we have an experienced traffic law attorney for you. 


The lawyers at take great pride in our reputation for rock-solid reliability.  We are organized and use the latest information technology to best serve our clients. We care deeply about our clients and our reputation.  We have been serving Missouri drivers online since 1999 and we aren't going anywhere. 

Service provides unparalleled convenience.  The lawyers at provide the highest levels of personal service to our clients. 

1.  Convenience.  In most cases, you can hire us without ever having to go to our office and take care of your ticket without ever having to go to court.

2.  You deal directly with a lawyer.  When you submit your ticket, you will be contacted by an attorney, not a secretary or paralegal.  The attorney will answer all of your questions to your satisfaction.

3.  You can talk to a lawyer anytime.  When you hire a Missouri traffic  law attorney at, we will be working for you, not the other way around.  The most common complaint we hear about other lawyers is that they are very hard to reach and don't return calls.  When you hire a lawyer at, you will be given the email address and mobile phone number of that attorney and the home phone number of an attorney who will take your calls and answer your questions about your case or any other legal matter when its convenient for you - at night, on weekends, or on holidays, etc.  You always will be able to call or email an attorney at 

Try asking another traffic lawyer for his or her mobile phone and home numbers.  Then ask whether its okay to call him or her at home at 10:00pm on a weekday or 8:00am Sunday morning.  Then hire a lawyer at


At, we keep our prices as low as our possible; unbelievable low taking into account the incredibly high level of personal service we maintain.  Attorney fees start at $49.00 for Missouri speeding tickets and other Missouri tickets for traffic law violations.  Prices vary depending on the specific circumstances of the traffic law violation charge against you and where and by whom the ticket was issued. 


The choice is clear:  That's why our client's refer their friends, family and co-workers to us.  That's why we often hear, "I wish I would have known about you guys before (usually followed by a story about much happier they are with our service than whomever they used before)..." 

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